Small Storage

8 ─ 16 Sq.ft Storage
-Photographic equipment
-Sports equipment
-Luggage and travel gear
8 ─ 16 Sq.ft Storage
-Photographic equipment

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Medium Storage

18 ─ 32 Sq.ft Storage
-Office equipment: printer, shredder etc
-Office table and Office Chair
-Document cabinet, shelves
-Television and computer
-Exhibition and marketing material
18 ─ 32 Sq.ft Storage
-Office equipment: printer,......

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Large Storage

35 Sq.ft up Storage
-Furniture: Sofa, cabinet, dining table, mattress, stools etc
-Electrical appliance: heater, humidifier etc
-Chandelier and other lights
-Treadmill or elliptical
-Kitchen appliance
35 Sq.ft up Storage
-Furniture: Sofa, cabinet, d......

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8 ─ 15 Sq.ft Locker
-Memorable Items
-Photo albums
8 ─ 15 Sq.ft Locker
-Memorable Items
-Photo ......

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Clothes Storage

10 ─ 16 Sq.ft Closet
-Jacket (approx 40 or above)
-Winter coat (approx 20 or above)
-T-shirt, trousers and outfit
-Dress or gown
-Handbag or backpack
10 ─ 16 Sq.ft Closet
-Jacket (approx 40 or above)......

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Bicycle Storage

12 ─ 15 Sq.ft Bicycle Storage
-3 bicycles
-Helmet, gloves, biking outfit
-Bicycle accessories
-Bicycle stand
12 ─ 15 Sq.ft Bicycle Storage
-3 bicycles

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Wine Cellar

Our professional wine cellar facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal temperature in 13-16°C and 60% humidity, high-level security for fine wines. With private cellars and wine lockers, we are here to satisfy the needs of both private collectors and trade customers while creating a new standard of self-storage for wine in Hong Kong.

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Ultra-Large Storage

The In N Out Ultra-Large storage service is specially designed for household customers and commercial customers. It is suitable for placing large furniture, stocks, equipment, etc. The entire systematized service process is handles by our In N Out moving team. Customers will enjoy the storage service any time comfortably at home or in the office, without spending their precious time coming to the storage themselves. The storage area and rental period are flexible depending on the actual area occupation and the nature of the business. Customers will experience high-quality, convenient, and cost-effective storage services.

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Document Storage

Many companies waste lots of space storing years’ worth of accumulated documents. Finding a self-storage place in Hong Kong is a great solution to keeping your office tidy and free of countless important – but rarely used – documents. Unlike the other self-storage options that we offer, document storage is priced based on the number of boxes you store. Document storage can help you save the money and free up company space.

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Mailbox Service

In N Out Storage offers mailbox rental service for personal and business mail needs. Customers can rent a private and prestigious mailbox for individual mailing purposes or as a business address. Our service will be of a great help to customers while starting a new business, planning a move, or protecting personal privacy.

Moving Service

Our professional transportation team can pick up the items in person at your assigned time and address. They will deliver everything directly to our storage facility. The team will assist you in placing your belongings directly in your storage unit to ensure that your delivery process is quick and easy.

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Fire Regulations

Fire safety for your storage unit

After a fire accident in 2016, an inter-department working group was formed to enhance fire-safety of all self mini storage service providers in HK. The inspections aim to identify and abate fire hazards by taking the necessary and appropriate follow-up actions, including enforcement action against the identified irregularities. Any mini storage facility that cannot comply with Fire Services Department (“FSD”) or Building Department is forced to close down due to prosecution. The result is that many customers vacate from non-compliant storage operators and seek storage companies like In N Out Storage that comply with the set of fire regulations for self mini storage service in HK.

Steps we have taken to fulfill fire regulations:

Fire door,
fire resistant brick
1 hour fire-resistant brick enclosing storage cluster
Access Window
2% of storage area as access window (1M x 0.85M)
Breakable Window
6.25% of storage area as breakable window
2.4m Corridor
2.4M within each 50 sq.m of storage
1m from Ceiling
1M distance between the top of storage unit and the ceiling
Water Sprinkler
0.5M distance between the top of the storage and the sprinkle

Why choose a self mini storage service provider that complies with HK Fire Services Department (“FSD”) regulations


  1. You don’t have to worry about losing your items in storage because In N Out Storage is FSD compliant.
  2. You won’t have to worry and rush about finding another self-storage provider in Hong Kong to place your belongings.
  3. You don’t have to waste your time, money and energy in another moving process because you won’t be forced out.
  4. You don’t have to chase your prepaid money from a non-FSD compliant storage company.
  5. The safety and confidence of your belonging is assured with In N Out Storage.

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